Wednesday, 19 January 2011

weekly wednesday inspiration! and more.

So I've decided to make this a regular thing, to post artists that I've been researching lately or just generally inspire me once a week. An attempt to keep this blog updated!

Oho, I had my interview at UCLAN today. I think it went well, the man who interviewed me said he'd like to give me an offer, it's not official but that must be a good thing, right? And I also liked the city of Preston, I had a nice day really. :)

Anyway, here's a few illustrators and such that have captured my interest lately, and that you should really check out:

 Zachary Walsh

Caco Neves

Eika Dopludo
Jamie Mills
Bett Norris
Sarah Abbott
Amy Sol

A lot of these will probably be compiled into my little artist research journal! It's this new brief for contextual studies. We were shown previous ones; a lot of people used old books or stitched their own and it's really a chance to just let loose and be really textural and creative with laying out research.

I bought this beautiful old little book from a charity shop the other day to make mine from!

There was a tiny section on the shelf that had old, beaten up books. I was there deciding which one to get for a while, but I went for this unusual green one. :) It's a book about British painters in history, funnily enough! The pages are going to get covered in imulstion and whatnot but oh well...

I'm quite looking forward to it, and will post pictures of progress when it has stuff in it. :)

Oh, also, I have a new look on lookbook!

You can view this here. :)

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