Thursday, 28 April 2011

my little studio space and ebay items

Hardly anyone one was in our college class today, so our teacher decided that the four or five of us that always come in can have our own makeshift studio spaces to one side of the room! It's really nice to have my own little personal area:

Haha polite little message to other groups that use that's just really nice having your work set up around you, and creating mood boards and such, it's a good way to get us focused for the final major project. I will post some of the stuff I've been doing soon! In the second picture are just collage pieces, mocking up an idea of two forms combined.

In the mean time I have more ebay listings up for sale! Including some topshop skinny jeans that originally went for £24 but the buyer never paid...I don't want them to sell for 99p!

You can view them and other items here.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

want but can never have

Amazing. I adore both items which can be both be found on Nastygal. Never say never, but by the time I have money for such things they will probably be long gone. I wish I had the ability to create my own awesome clothes.

I went back to college today, got up at stupid o clock for the first time in ages. I'm sooo tired, actually going to sleep after this post.

Oh, and I have a new look on lookbook:

Sleeveless Shirt: Topshop
Skirt: H&M
Brogues: Primark
Rings: Topshop and H&M

Friday, 22 April 2011

aztec overload

Another new look on lookbook, I think I'm making up for lost time...

 Aztec Print Vest Top: Topshop.
Denim Cut Off Shorts: DIY from old jeans.
Aztec Print Cycling Shorts: H&M.

I really do have a fondness for aztec prints! They're so easy to wear in summer, in fact, no, all the time! Can be worn down in a super casual style or dressed up for an edgy look. I just love 'em.

I've liked all the warm weather lately, it's a shame I was in work today. And a 9am start tommorow, hooray! But it's only 4 hours so I shall get through that and then off to the Trafford Centre to get a few bits and bobs, absolutely no splurges though! This bank holiday has really been confusing me: I kept thinking today was Saturday due to being in work, and then when I finished it was quiet coz the shops shut early so it felt like Sunday! Oh I don't knooow...

Thursday, 21 April 2011

black and white horse

Just a little illustration, inspired by the song Zebra by Beach House. :) I of course notice the irony of how my zebra is rather colourful as opposed to black and white...

This is quite a bad scan to be honest. The paint in the background doesn't show very well. Just a little bit of experimenting with water colours inbetween projects and whatever! Nothing fancy.

Wahh I'm really torn between moving to Preston and studying at UCLAN or staying at home to do a course at my local college. (Both BA hons Illustration) It's like I'm having second thoughts and I'm not sure which I'd be happiest at. People are saying if I wanted to go to UCLAN for the uni "experience" and night life, rather than the course itself, I'm probably not gonna get it and it may be worth just staying where I am when I have a perfectly good course here. But for all I know I could love it at UCLAN, or I could end up really miserable and be far away from everyone. I dunnooo, I've got just over a week to make my mind up.

In other news, my best friend who has been away on ship with the navy for two months came back home on Sunday! She's here for two weeks easter holiday and it's been lovely seeing her. It was also her birthday on that same Sunday! I find making people cards a lot more satisfying:

Oh, and I have a new look on lookbook! It's been a while;

Crochet fringed top: Topshop
Mesh midi skirt: Miss Selfridge

Saturday, 16 April 2011

summer style inspiration

(pictures from tumblr and whatever)

At the moment I really like the whole navajo/aztec style, turquoise jewellery, tie dye (going to try and do my own for glasto!) colour blocking tones, those shades of lipstick, fruity prints, floral wreaths and dip dyed hair. I'm considering doing mine pink for summer, similar to that picture with Abbey.

I'd say I don't really follow trends and just wear what I want, but you can't help but be infuelenced by such lovely imagery.

Thursday, 14 April 2011

bad/good news

Okay so I logged into UCAS before and well I got an unsuccessful from MMU, which I have stated before was my first choice. :( I was initially a little upset and shocked with how quickly they came to that confusion, but I always had an incling that I might not get in. The demand for a place on the illustration course and other art and design ones was so high this year, they probably had to chose 30 places out of like 200. I've been told by others that MMU are very dissmissive in this way so I had to be realistic about it. Part of me wondered if my artwork wasn't good enough or if they didn't like me in the interview, but who knows. You can try and contact them to find out the reason but I don't really want to.

But I have to look at the positives; I'm most likely going to go to UCLAN, now, my second choice. I think I was mainly keen on MMU coz it would be the most convinient, I'd be closer to friends, my bf, work, etc and living in town would have been sweet. But in terms of the course and the atmosphere my heart was telling me to go for UCLAN. MMU was really intimidating and I felt more at home at UCLAN who were friendlier. The studios and actual uni looks better too, so I'd probably work better in that environment. So this could be a blessing in disguise really, I might not have been happy at MMU. Also, UCLAN is 51 in the guardian list of unis for art courses...MMU is 61. ;o Aha, not like I take notice of those things, but it says something I guess. Plus it would be more exciting to move to a different place entirely, but it's also only an hour, actually less on the train back home. So I should just be happy to go there really, which I am. :)

Before all this, I was in a very good mood today as the full Glastonbury lineup has been announced and it's looking pretty sweet!

I'm really suprised and way excited for QOTSA! I totally wasn't expecting that, so glad, especially since the academy gig sold out. I still haven't seen them live! Definitely the best out of the headliners (Screw U2 and Coldplay...). I'll also be looking forward to Warpaint, Crystal Castles, Wu Tang Clan, Battles and others. Bring on June to start summer. :)

Friday, 8 April 2011

eBay listings; clothes for sale!

Shameless, I know, but I have a few things up for auction on ebay.

Click here to be directed to them.

I have a few things from Topshop, Urban Outfitters, H&M and other high street stores on sale. I have more on the way but I'm taking a friggin' break for now!

This is actually my first time selling on ebay. And I need monies so go have a look. :)

Also I have finished college for two weeks over easter, I am now poor after buying my glastonbury ticket yesterday and I have my interview for MMU on Monday.