Wednesday, 23 November 2011

rashio rana: everything is happening

(Photo from the Cornerhouse flickr.)

Visited the cornerhouse the other day to see Rashio Rana's work which is currently being exhibited. A lot of clever use of collage and images, some of which are disturbing yet thought provoking. 

You should definitely check it out if you're close to Manchester, it's on till the 18th of December and admission is free. More information here.

Just a short post here, I should really start scanning my work and upload it on here! I've already done quite a lot now that I am more than halfway through my first term of uni.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

a day of galleries

There are often many great galleries, exhibitions and events happening on our doorstep, yesterday I went to see a few things on in Manchester and another lovely day was had.

There were some stunning works in the Dark Matters collection at The Whitworth.
I wasn't able to photograph my favourite thing about yesterday, which was a large, dark room with a glass sculpture and a light which spun and projected the shadows of the forms onto the wall. It was really beautiful, like you were in a spinning world of shadows. I think it was a collaboration by several artists, you should really go and check it out while you can!

There was an interesting exhibit in Manchester Art Gallery about works surrounding the theme of Manchester and Mancunian artists.

Rachel Goodyear's work seems to be everywhere! You may recognize her work from my last post from Yorkshire Sculpture Park.
Some evoking pieces by David Hockney and Lucien Freud.
Aaaand I managed to snap some pics from the Grayson Perry exhibition, before I was told not to!

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

yorkshire sculpture park

I had a lovely time with the boyfriend yesterday at Yorkshire Sculpture Park! Lots of interesting works and beautiful scenery, I particularly liked the drive up there through country roads. Admission is free so you should definitely go and see it, it's a great idea for a day out and a good opportunity to see some current artists.