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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

weekly wednesday inspiration! and more.

So I've decided to make this a regular thing, to post artists that I've been researching lately or just generally inspire me once a week. An attempt to keep this blog updated!

Oho, I had my interview at UCLAN today. I think it went well, the man who interviewed me said he'd like to give me an offer, it's not official but that must be a good thing, right? And I also liked the city of Preston, I had a nice day really. :)

Anyway, here's a few illustrators and such that have captured my interest lately, and that you should really check out:

 Zachary Walsh

Caco Neves

Eika Dopludo
Jamie Mills
Bett Norris
Sarah Abbott
Amy Sol

A lot of these will probably be compiled into my little artist research journal! It's this new brief for contextual studies. We were shown previous ones; a lot of people used old books or stitched their own and it's really a chance to just let loose and be really textural and creative with laying out research.

I bought this beautiful old little book from a charity shop the other day to make mine from!

There was a tiny section on the shelf that had old, beaten up books. I was there deciding which one to get for a while, but I went for this unusual green one. :) It's a book about British painters in history, funnily enough! The pages are going to get covered in imulstion and whatnot but oh well...

I'm quite looking forward to it, and will post pictures of progress when it has stuff in it. :)

Oh, also, I have a new look on lookbook!

You can view this here. :)

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

jennifer davis!

Feast your eyes on the work of Jennifer Davis, potential favourite new illustrator:

The above sloth is actually amazing and I love it and I wish it hadn't sold so it could be part of my life.

You can buy prints and view her artwork on her blog here.

glastonbury/summer wishlist!

It's not for another five months or so, but in my mind I'm ALREADY planning out what I'd like to take with me to wear for Glastonbury! This is partly due to a number of highstreet and online shops already bringing out summer essentials...goddamn them.

Topshop and H&M in particular have produced an array of garments with that SS11 hippy 70s vibe that would be perfect for the festival season. I've picked out a few items that I simply must have:

Stupid blogger image quality...hope you guys can see it okay, if not just click the image!


1.) Simple aztec print jersey vest; I love this! That colourful aztec print has festival written all over it, I really like unusual designs. It's pefrect for warm weather and will be so comfortable and easy to wear in that environment, especially the days where you start to smell and can't be bothered, haha. You could team it with anything and dress it up and down. It's also £18, which is cheap...for Topshop.

2.) Sleevless denim shirt; I can see this becoming one of Topshop's summer essentials! It also comes in a blue denim colour, I've not decided which one I prefer. They'll probably bring it out in several different colours anyway, so at least it may stay in stock for a while. The tie waist brings a very 50's vibe to it!

3.) Basic scallop edged vest: I've seen a lot of people wearing this already, probably because it's Topshop and has a £15 price tag, but Topshop always creates the perfect style of basic vests and tees. The scallop detailing is really cute and as we know is very on trend. It'll be quite a versatile piece that can be worn with practically anything. It comes in a lot of different colours, I haven't decided which one I would choose. I like the dusky pink pictured, the camel, the mustard or even just the plain black!

4.) Vertical stripe shirt: A lot of highstreet shops try to get that retro/vintage feel but never seem to succeed, and I always say to myself I'd rather get the real thing. But this little number by topshop is just perfect, like the type of thing I'd love to find in a vintage shop. The brown and white vertical stripe is so 50's and I just love it. It's not overpriced either; at £20 I'm just going to have to buy it!

5.) Cut out collar sleeveless denim dress: This is pretty much the perfect summer dress to me. The sleevless denim shirt style has a very retro feel about it, and it's just one of those pieces you can throw on without much effort on those sunny days, but feel lovely in. And for a Topshop dress, it's an absolute bargain at £26!

6.) Aztec print jersey tunic dress...thing: I simply adore this! Again, the aztec/unusual print is very festival. It'll be nice to wear a dress I can thrown on and still be comfortable in, and the jersey fabric looks like it'll be just what I'm looking for. It's £28, but I think that's reasonable.

7.) Blue mesh midi skirt: Okay, this one is a tad more expensive (for a bargain hunter like me anyway). It's £38, but that can be knocked down with my lovely student discount. And it's just totally worth it, because unless you've been living under a rock, these calf length skirts are an absolute essential for SS11. I already have a velvety paisley one, but I think that's more wintery. This one will be ideal for summer, especially when you don't really want to get your legs out, but still would like a flowy, loose feel. I love the mesh detailing and can see myself walking around swishing it, haha. It'll be a nice, classy take on dressing for warm weather.


8.) Graphic print bodycon dress: Another unusual aztec style print, I seem to be drawn to these, aha. It could be a nice little piece to thrown on during the warm weather at Glasto. I can also see it being a dress I'd wear on summery nights out. Oh, and it's a steal at 9.99!

9.) Pasiley print trousers: And last but certainly not least, these amazing trousers from H&M! They have an elasticated waist and thin material, which is absolutely perfect for when you can't be bothered getting your legs out, but still want to be able to breathe through your clothes. Casual wear that looks good! And I have some obsession with paisley prints lately, so they're bound to be a winner. I can see these being a popular piece at 12.99, and fear how long they will be in stock, so I'll have to purchase some soon!

I hope to be able to buy most of these at some point. I hope they're still in stock next month when it's my birthday, I'm asking for money so I can make such purchases! I know I probably won't be able to wear most of them untill the weather gets warmer, but I can really see myself wearing them for glasto, so I want them before they're gone!

Sigh sigh sigh.

OH I forgot to add I want some vintage round type sunglasses for glasto! Oh well.

I think I've finished with my materialistic ramblings for now. c:

best dressed from the golden globes

As a film geek I've been very excited to hear the results of the Golden Globes, it's like a little taster of what the Oscars will be like! I'm pleased The Social Network did well, I really wanted Jesse Eisenberg to win best actor, but I've heard good things about The King's Speech and Colin Firth's performance in it. :) Bit gutted for Inception, but so many great films were nominated this year! And I just want to see Black Swan even more now that Natalie won her award, a lot of people have been downloading it online but I intend to see it at the cinema when it gets released here!

I think one thing most people look forward to is what everyone will be wearing! The red carpet is full of beautiful people in beautiful clothes, so I thought I'd compile a list of my favourite from the photos surfacing on the internet. I won't make a worst dressed list, as that's a bit pretentious. I'm not entirely sure of which designers everyone is wearing without looking it up. I don't have an eagle eye with that kind of thing, I just appreciate good style! This is in no particular order, by the way, just the order I came across them:

I like Glee. I don't love it, and haven't really been watching the recent series, but I always thought Quinn was beautiful and have a little girl crush on her. And Diana Agron looked amazing on the red carpet. Her dress is simple, elegant and timeless. I wish I had her face! It's perfect!

Again with the Glee cast! I really love the dress Jayma Mays is wearing here, possibly one of my favourites from the golden globe photos, black and mesh is always a winner.

Olivia Wilde looks stunning in this dazzling sequin embelished floaty prom dress! Not to mention those shoes, which I'd probably never be able to walk in. I am envious of the stars at times.

 Aww, I love Kaley Cuoco, aka Penny! She's so pretty. She was wise and kept it very simple in this lovely chiffon layered dress, highlighting her natural beauty.

Emma Stone could be seen as being risky for breaking away from red carpet traditions, but she totally pulled it off! Pictured above in this very simple peach shift maxi dress, it has a very 60s feel about it. I also think her new blonde hair looks really nice! She's just awesome really.

Scarlett always looks stunning, but I simply adore the dress she was wearing. The flutterly sleeves, the beaded detailing, the sheer material, everything about it is painstakingly gorgeous, I can't imagine how much it cost...
I admire Helena Bonham Carter for being so daring and out there, not caring what the press or other people think. But I personally think she pulls off this alternative red carpet look! It's very Vivienne Westwood, she could be wearing a bit o' Viv for all I know. And I really want those shades!

And now for some other pictures from the ceremony...

I didn't find Natalie's dress amazing, but I felt some face appreciation was necessary.

Gahh, why is Jesse so cute, in kind of weird way?

Oh, and to finish this post off, Christian Bale looks like Jesus now. :)

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

first interview! and collagey stuff.

Hello hello! So I had my first uni interview at Bolton today! eeek! I haven't been that nervous since I got my portfolio sorted out last week and could relax a little, but I was a wobbly mess (if that makes any sense) when I walked in the building! I got a lift there though so that was good, I'd have been hopeless getting the train on my own. When I found the room and stuff I was more relaxed at least. I was shown a slideshow of students work in illustration and animation, and it was all pretty impressive, some of which got published so it seems like a good course to go onto.

And then I had my interview! The lady looked through my portfolio and such, said she could see me in illustration etc. The only thing she picked up on was that there wasn't much drawing from life, and my heart sank a little because I didn't know where she was going with that!

I think I was worried for nothing though because she said she'd like to give me a conditional offer! I was a little suprised and had to double take at first, I didn't expect to hear back THAT soon. It was quite a quick interview really, but obviously it must have went well. :)

Next week...UCLAN! And my online portfolio for MMU needs to be done by Friday.

So anyway, in an attempt to build up my portfolio with personal works, I've been experimenting a bit with digital collage on photoshop, I really like the idea of using free stock images for a print on dresses:

Very quick tablet drawing, going for that simplistic colouring style...very Kat Macleod inspired.

That's all for now then I guess. Three more unis to go! I'll keep you updated. :)

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

current work

Hokay, so I said I'd post some images of recent college work!

This brief was called Autobiography, we created an initial sculpture and then ideas had to develop from it in our specialist fields. I chose to do something about my favourite films and ended up doing work based around the film Amelie. I couldn't choose a favourite film out of so many choices, but this looked like it would be fun to illustrate:

Story board style digital painting, done on photoshop with a wacom tablet.
 Digital collage with photoshop.

 Book cover design taken from the above.

Book covers template design sheet.

I have some traditional versions of that collage but I haven't scanned them in yet! I might do so and edit this post.

You can view these images with a higher resoution on my deviantART page.

That's all for now, I'm literally about to fall to sleep as getting up early for college for the first time since before christmas and functioning today on 5 hours sleep has taken it out of me! It's not even half 8. :(

Monday, 3 January 2011

folksy finds!

Hello! It's been a while since I posted here I do admit!

So like, as a secret santa present my friend got me this adorable test tube necklace from Folksy. I've been wearing it quite a lot, I really wouldn't have thought of it as an idea for a necklace, which is why I love it! So this lead me to check out the rest of the site, and it reminds me a lot of etsy! A lot of independant creative minds produce wonderful handmade products which they sell online, and it's mainly UK based which is swell because as lovely as etsy seems to be, I'd have to order from America, and trust me, it's usually expensive to do so. :( But yay! I've found an alternative. I've just been browsing some of the accessories and they're all so cute. And pain stakingly well crafted in cases!

Here's a few things that caught my eye;

Adorable, huh! I don't really know my way around the site, so I'll give it a proper browse sometime soon.

So yeah, I had a lovely christmas. :) New Year's involved me not getting that drunk because of work the next day, but still chundering all night, and then not going into expectations were raised from how good last year's was, which may have been a one off, as now I remember that I've never cared much for New Year's. :P

But yess Christmas was lovely, and now I'm going to show you my obligatory picture of my presents! :D

I haven't been able to play on my xbox that much as I've suddenly been flooded with college work, but it's all very much back to reality over the next few weeks, due to the fact I have TWO uni interviews on the 12th and the 19th! One for Bolton, and one for UCLAN. Also, MMU wants an online portfolio by the 14th, so it's all going to be busy busy busy from here. And of course my work for this current college brief needs to be completed by, uh...Wednesday! I think I'm ontop of it all, and I'll definitely post images of what I've been doing soon. :)

Bye for now!