Tuesday, 18 January 2011

best dressed from the golden globes

As a film geek I've been very excited to hear the results of the Golden Globes, it's like a little taster of what the Oscars will be like! I'm pleased The Social Network did well, I really wanted Jesse Eisenberg to win best actor, but I've heard good things about The King's Speech and Colin Firth's performance in it. :) Bit gutted for Inception, but so many great films were nominated this year! And I just want to see Black Swan even more now that Natalie won her award, a lot of people have been downloading it online but I intend to see it at the cinema when it gets released here!

I think one thing most people look forward to is what everyone will be wearing! The red carpet is full of beautiful people in beautiful clothes, so I thought I'd compile a list of my favourite from the photos surfacing on the internet. I won't make a worst dressed list, as that's a bit pretentious. I'm not entirely sure of which designers everyone is wearing without looking it up. I don't have an eagle eye with that kind of thing, I just appreciate good style! This is in no particular order, by the way, just the order I came across them:

I like Glee. I don't love it, and haven't really been watching the recent series, but I always thought Quinn was beautiful and have a little girl crush on her. And Diana Agron looked amazing on the red carpet. Her dress is simple, elegant and timeless. I wish I had her face! It's perfect!

Again with the Glee cast! I really love the dress Jayma Mays is wearing here, possibly one of my favourites from the golden globe photos, black and mesh is always a winner.

Olivia Wilde looks stunning in this dazzling sequin embelished floaty prom dress! Not to mention those shoes, which I'd probably never be able to walk in. I am envious of the stars at times.

 Aww, I love Kaley Cuoco, aka Penny! She's so pretty. She was wise and kept it very simple in this lovely chiffon layered dress, highlighting her natural beauty.

Emma Stone could be seen as being risky for breaking away from red carpet traditions, but she totally pulled it off! Pictured above in this very simple peach shift maxi dress, it has a very 60s feel about it. I also think her new blonde hair looks really nice! She's just awesome really.

Scarlett always looks stunning, but I simply adore the dress she was wearing. The flutterly sleeves, the beaded detailing, the sheer material, everything about it is painstakingly gorgeous, I can't imagine how much it cost...
I admire Helena Bonham Carter for being so daring and out there, not caring what the press or other people think. But I personally think she pulls off this alternative red carpet look! It's very Vivienne Westwood, she could be wearing a bit o' Viv for all I know. And I really want those shades!

And now for some other pictures from the ceremony...

I didn't find Natalie's dress amazing, but I felt some face appreciation was necessary.

Gahh, why is Jesse so cute, in kind of weird way?

Oh, and to finish this post off, Christian Bale looks like Jesus now. :)

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