Wednesday, 5 January 2011

current work

Hokay, so I said I'd post some images of recent college work!

This brief was called Autobiography, we created an initial sculpture and then ideas had to develop from it in our specialist fields. I chose to do something about my favourite films and ended up doing work based around the film Amelie. I couldn't choose a favourite film out of so many choices, but this looked like it would be fun to illustrate:

Story board style digital painting, done on photoshop with a wacom tablet.
 Digital collage with photoshop.

 Book cover design taken from the above.

Book covers template design sheet.

I have some traditional versions of that collage but I haven't scanned them in yet! I might do so and edit this post.

You can view these images with a higher resoution on my deviantART page.

That's all for now, I'm literally about to fall to sleep as getting up early for college for the first time since before christmas and functioning today on 5 hours sleep has taken it out of me! It's not even half 8. :(

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