Wednesday, 12 January 2011

first interview! and collagey stuff.

Hello hello! So I had my first uni interview at Bolton today! eeek! I haven't been that nervous since I got my portfolio sorted out last week and could relax a little, but I was a wobbly mess (if that makes any sense) when I walked in the building! I got a lift there though so that was good, I'd have been hopeless getting the train on my own. When I found the room and stuff I was more relaxed at least. I was shown a slideshow of students work in illustration and animation, and it was all pretty impressive, some of which got published so it seems like a good course to go onto.

And then I had my interview! The lady looked through my portfolio and such, said she could see me in illustration etc. The only thing she picked up on was that there wasn't much drawing from life, and my heart sank a little because I didn't know where she was going with that!

I think I was worried for nothing though because she said she'd like to give me a conditional offer! I was a little suprised and had to double take at first, I didn't expect to hear back THAT soon. It was quite a quick interview really, but obviously it must have went well. :)

Next week...UCLAN! And my online portfolio for MMU needs to be done by Friday.

So anyway, in an attempt to build up my portfolio with personal works, I've been experimenting a bit with digital collage on photoshop, I really like the idea of using free stock images for a print on dresses:

Very quick tablet drawing, going for that simplistic colouring style...very Kat Macleod inspired.

That's all for now then I guess. Three more unis to go! I'll keep you updated. :)