Monday, 28 February 2011

another year

Holla! So I turned twenty yesterday. :) I had a lovely weekend of celebrations. I bought a few clothes and some makeup from mac with my money, stuff I have mentioned before among this, but I didn't have a massive splurge really.

Sorry I haven't been blogging much, at all, I just don't seem to have the time or enthusiasm. I start my final major project when I get back to college on Wednesday (after my glorious week off college and work, which I am going to miss dearly) so I'll be very busy but I'll try and track my progress with it from time to time on here!

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

photos by sofia ajram

Just thought I'd share the beautiful photography of Sofia Ajram, I particulary like the way she plays around with textures:

Check out her flickr here.

updates 15/02/011

Just thought I'd update this somewhat neglected blog!

1.) I hope you all had a lovely valentine's day, or anti valentine's celebrations for those of us that are single. Me and my boyfriend aren't overly soppy, and it's my birthday next weekend so it wouldn't be fair to spend a lot or make a big deal, plus we always spend time together on Mondays, so it was just an excuse to do something nice. Our celebrations consisted of going to see Black Swan! We went to an earlier screening so it wasn't jam packed. (what an odd saying, people say that, right?) Anyway we both agreed it reminded us of Mulholland Drive in some ways! Very surreal but entertaining, those of you with a broader taste in film shall enjoy it very much. But don't take your kids or watch with your parents. Natalie and Mila's performances were great as expected. :) Then the plan WAS to go to Nando's after, but we weren't getting our hopes up, which was a good idea coz we were told we'd have to wait an hour and fifteen minutes (or more) for a table! As much as I love it, I'm not willing to wait that long. We ended up getting an Indian takeaway from near mine which took like 10 minutes to prepare and it was lovely and better than being miserable waiting in the cold. :)

We got each other small gifts! I adore my new cath kidston makeup bag...
I got him The Social Network (which I got very last minute as it only came out yesterday!) and made an awesome Dropsy card (I hope some of you know who Dropsy is :) ) but I didn't get a picture of that. :(

My dad is taking the camera to south africa for two weeks so no pictures for me! I should really get my own, decent camera...

2.) As I mentioned earlier, it's my birthdaaaay next Sunday. I didn't want to make a fuss this year but I've decided to go for drinks on the Friday. :) And then shopping and a meal with MJ on the day. Chiquito? Yes please! I'm asking for just money this year, and I get paid this Friday prior to it, so I'm really looking forward to birthday spenddds and indulging in my clothing obsession! There's a lot of stuff I want from Topshop, H&M, a couple of things from New Look (everywhere has nice stuff in lately!), and I shall have to have a gander at a few vintage shoppies...

I saw this in Topshop the other day whilst browsing and I really love it! It's not the usual article of clothing I go for but I'm really into fringed details at the moment, and I think it would be perfect for SS11 and for layering. I might get it with my birthday money, it's £30 though, which is a bit steep for me...shall I get it?

3.) I'm not much of a make up person but I've decided I need to invest in some decent brands, as my make up collection is really scarce at the moment. I've got a little make up wish list and am looking forward to getting some, again with my birthday moola!

Benefit Get Even Face Powder: I've decided that a powder foundation would be much lighter and better for my skin, and many have told me Benefit is a good brand so I really want to try it out!

Mac Face And Body Foundation: I was watching a makeup tutorial and a girl used this on her face and it looked so lovely and shimmery when she applied it! It's also supposed to moisturize your face and give a more natural finish.

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Potion: Have you ever found that your eyeshadow never seems to last? I think and eyeshadow primer is exactly what I need!

Mac Wonderwoman Lipstick: Do I really have to explain why I want this? It's not actually out yet but I'd love one of these in a dark dark red, I hope I can get some before they sell out!

There's more, like topshop blusher and nail polish, barry m dazzle dust and also I really like the look of YSL and Paul and Joe lipstick (Lipstick is probably the only make up I go overboard with!) but I doubt I'll buy all of these.

I don't usuually spend a lot on make up, but I think I'll treat myself on my birthday. :)

4.) Uhhhm art wise I've been a bit zoned out lately. I've been experimented with techniques at college, as I don't really need to add to my distinction grades for the latest marked units, so I've been kind of bored and not passionate about it. But I'm really looking forward to the final major project as I already have ideas for it! I'll make a post about the theme and inspiration sometime soon. ;)

Well, that has been a very long, somewhat indulgent post!

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

weekly inspiration 9/2/011

Artists I have been admiring lately:  
Senor Salme

Pamela Tait
Jen Mann
Monica Cook

I've decided this post doesn't necessarily have to be on Wednesdays, as I don't always meet that, aha.

I'm ill today and it sucks. I feel bad for not being at college. sighsighsighhhh.