Thursday, 21 April 2011

black and white horse

Just a little illustration, inspired by the song Zebra by Beach House. :) I of course notice the irony of how my zebra is rather colourful as opposed to black and white...

This is quite a bad scan to be honest. The paint in the background doesn't show very well. Just a little bit of experimenting with water colours inbetween projects and whatever! Nothing fancy.

Wahh I'm really torn between moving to Preston and studying at UCLAN or staying at home to do a course at my local college. (Both BA hons Illustration) It's like I'm having second thoughts and I'm not sure which I'd be happiest at. People are saying if I wanted to go to UCLAN for the uni "experience" and night life, rather than the course itself, I'm probably not gonna get it and it may be worth just staying where I am when I have a perfectly good course here. But for all I know I could love it at UCLAN, or I could end up really miserable and be far away from everyone. I dunnooo, I've got just over a week to make my mind up.

In other news, my best friend who has been away on ship with the navy for two months came back home on Sunday! She's here for two weeks easter holiday and it's been lovely seeing her. It was also her birthday on that same Sunday! I find making people cards a lot more satisfying:

Oh, and I have a new look on lookbook! It's been a while;

Crochet fringed top: Topshop
Mesh midi skirt: Miss Selfridge


  1. Wow, you're so talented. I love the first image. Also that outfit is lovely, the fringed top is so cute x

  2. beautiful illustration :) great style