Thursday, 28 April 2011

my little studio space and ebay items

Hardly anyone one was in our college class today, so our teacher decided that the four or five of us that always come in can have our own makeshift studio spaces to one side of the room! It's really nice to have my own little personal area:

Haha polite little message to other groups that use that's just really nice having your work set up around you, and creating mood boards and such, it's a good way to get us focused for the final major project. I will post some of the stuff I've been doing soon! In the second picture are just collage pieces, mocking up an idea of two forms combined.

In the mean time I have more ebay listings up for sale! Including some topshop skinny jeans that originally went for £24 but the buyer never paid...I don't want them to sell for 99p!

You can view them and other items here.

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