Wednesday, 13 October 2010

mmu open day

Wellity wellity. Of recent times college have been mad for pushing us to focus on uni applications and get them in ASAP, I myself am pretty much game to go but I couldn't really apply for my first choice without visiting it now could I? So, as the title suggests, I went on down to the MMU open day today!

After an early start and busy bus ride, we eventually went on a few talks and tours of courses and whatnot. I definitely know I want to do Illustration with Animation so the tour for that was a main focus for me. Got shown around a few of the rooms and studios and such. There's still a lot of traditional means on this course, they use a lot of print techniques (think they have a room for that) and the first year is mainly concentrating on drawing, so it's not all cging and photoshop (I do want to use that, mind!). I was told you get quite a diverse bunch of students doing their own thing and specializing in their own areas, there's not a "manchester style". I think there's also a book binding room so that would be an interesting way of looking at presenting a final product! We were shown a slideshow of a few graduates' work and it's all quite varied and everyone had their own ideas to convey, lots of illustrations of books, cover designs, even a bit of lino and wood print thrown into the mix! So I still very much want to do this course, and feel it will be varied and offer a lot of oppurtunities.

We also had a gander at the student accomodation before we left, some nice Chinese students showed us their room! The rooms weren't ridiculously small and it looks quite nice. Then again they seemed rather tidy, we obviously weren't going to be shown any horror stories haha.

I'm not sure if I'm going to go to any other open days, I'm pretty keen on MMU and have this thing about moving too far away from Manchester. But my boyfriend made a point that if I want to have the proper uni experience and, heaven frobid, don't get into MMU, I may have to. I guess places like Bolton and Liverpool are only an hour's drive. We'll see, we'll see!

Sorry about the slightly mundane blog post about my day, but having a blog is also being emphasised!

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