Sunday, 17 October 2010

landscape piece

just a little somethin' somethin' for college;

 Okay, not my best piece of work, seems as if I felt it didn't even deserve a name! But I'm my own worst critic. For our indtroductory brief this year at college, we're working with the theme of landscape and for this part of the brief we had to produce a final painting. I'm not big on backgrounds, I actully felt a little out of my comfort zone with this, but seeing as though I'm interested in illustration and graphic novels it would make sense to dabble in this and practice with it, giving myself a challenge in a way. I looked at artists like Chris Hipkiss (who's work I saw at the whitworth today, will post about that later!) who creates large, obscure compositions with lots of details and strange perspectives. I also worked on this with my old foe, ink and water which I always find hard to control! But at this stage where I'm applying for uni soon and stuff, it's best to broaden your horizons to build up a portfolio, so I feel I've fufilled this part of the brief. Right now I'm focusing more on the printmaking part and suprisingly feel more creative in that area! I'll get some pictures of what I've been doing with that soon. c:

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