Friday, 1 July 2011

end of year show and glasto update

Hello! I've been extremely idle lately as I've been a very busy bee. On Monday I got back from having the best five days ever at Glastonbury! I'm having a slight case of the post glasto blues and have really wanted to go back to what feels like home now. But I do admit having a nice cosy bed and regular showers was missed. I experienced every possible weather condition whilst I was there; I was freezing and wet trying not to fall in the mud for the first couple of days, but now I've actually come back with a bright red sunburnt nose from the beautiful sun we were blessed with for Saturday and Sunday! Highlights for me were definitely Queens of the Stone Age headlining The Other Stage on Sunday night and Warpaint, both were amazing live. All the bands I saw are here if you're interested.  I'm gutted we have to wait till 2013 for the next glasto. :( I will upload pictures soon, I won't get them till Tuesday though as they are on disposable cameras which need to be developed!

Before all that we had our final show at college. I actually missed the night because I was heading down to worthy farm on the wednesday but I think it went well for everyone and there was a varied amount of work! I got my grades back for the whole two years; DDD! :) For those of you who aren't familiar with how National Diplomas work, that's like getting three As. I was genuinely shocked and pleased after having a bit of a rough start after leaving another college for a further two years in education. Geez I only needed MMM to get into UCLAN! I'm just full of relief and can relax now for the summer knowing everything I possibly need to do is done. Student finance is all sorted for september now too, and I also have my accomodation in the bag. Made sure to get en suite! I'm just really nervous about what my flatmates are going to be like haha...

Anyway I digress, here is the series of three paintings for my final piece. My theme was metamorphosis, in particular the changing of one form into another. Think of an experiment gone wrong. I wanted to convey feelings of aesthetic pleasure and also those of disturbance. I used acrylic on wood and also incorporated collage to make them mixed media pieces. I've also included some close ups of the details:




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