Saturday, 30 July 2011


I got back from London on Wednesday after spending a few nights there with my boyfriend. It was lovely and it kinda sucks being back up north. It's a place where you will never run out of things to do. With that said, I'd be wary of living there because of how huge it is, but I can definitely see myself moving closer to/in a city after my degree is finished with. We primarily went to London to see Tim and Eric (of awesome show, great job fame) at the Lecesiter Square Theatre on the Tuesday night. I was the first person to be pulled up on stage by Tim Heidecker in their closing number! He just grabbed my hand and I didn't know what to do, sort of started awkwardly dancing to a pumping song about Britain! It was amazing though. I was shaking and so giddy from it for the rest of the night! We were in a Travel lodge near Euston station so everything was fairly easy to get to by bus. We went shopping around Oxford Street and the Camden Markets, but I didn't really buy that much considering. We also went to Soho for food and drinks, saw friggin' big ben, went to sea life (for free), had sushi (ironic), walked along southbanks, went to the tate and had more drinks after Tim and Eric. Drinks are so expensive in London, especially cocktails, but we found a bar where it was buy one get one free on cocktails, so I had two apples martinis and well we called it a night after that hahaha. It was really so lovely and I want to go back.

In an effort to keep this blog more art related here's some photos from the tate, there was a big mixture of the classics and contemporary stuff;

This was really interesting...a printer kept spawning these pieces of paper with some foreign text on it. Each piece was different.
I do love book/paper delicate.
Bit o' Lichtenstein.
Cute illustrations which were associated with dark humour.
De Chirico
Loved this.
Adored Diane Arbus' photography, self portrait above.
Gehard Richter
An original Monet, how lucky we were!
Franz Kline.

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  1. Looks/sounds like you had an amazing time, love your dress! x