Thursday, 11 August 2011

lusting over knitwear

I personally am actually looking forward to the cold seasons coming up (although lately it has been quite chilly...) because I personally prefer Autumn/Winter style and like to layer up in warm clothes! There have been loads of exciting new season previews about, I was surprisingly impressed with River Island and even Primark! Topshop have already got some knitwear in store that I would like to get my hands on soon. Usually I think their knitwear is overpriced but these pieces I have selected are reasonable (from £26) and look really snug! Perfect for cold nights in Preston;

Anyway...I must say I found myself rather distressed and saddened from the riots happening in my local city of Manchester, a place I have loved over the years. Me and pretty much everyone I knew simply could not stop watching the updates on the news on Tuesday night, just to see what could possibly happen next. These people did not have a reason, a message, a cause. Nor are they underprivileged; they have a house, a family and friggin' blackberries, along with expensive adidas tracksuits. They just wanted an excuse to be destructive, for a laugh. They add nothing to the community and then seek out to destroy it, when we pay for the money the majority of these youngsters out of work and education live off.

I feel so bad for all the businesses that will be affected by this. I was distraught to find one of my favourite areas in Manchester, the Northern Quarter was struck by looters and vandals. There are so many small, independent clothing boutiques, book stores, music shops and bars around there, many of which bring a lot of small designers and an element culture to us. But quite a few are going to struggle with the cost of damage now, some may even be sent under.

I really wish the best to all of the people affected by the riots, in other areas of the country as well. I hope restoration will come soon. Thankfully I think it has quietened down in most areas too. The council and community did a good job of cleaning up the city center yesterday morning. I feel I have lost faith in a lot of people, so it is reassuring to know a good amount of decent human beings care for the city they were raised in.

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