Wednesday, 30 March 2011

updates 30/03/2011

I need to make regular updates more often.

I GOT MY INTERVIEW AT MMU! woowoop. I feel incredibly lucky because places are really tight this year, I mean, they said in the letter that if you can't make the date, you can't rearrange for another, so if you were having a liver transplant your place would be given to another hopeful applicant. So I absolutely have to ACE this, I have conifdence in myself because I have three conditionals thus far, just more anxious about this one as it's my first choice. I can't fuck this up and talk like an idiot. I really really want to live in town! eeeek wish me luck!

Part of the reason I'd like to live on MMU campus is because I'll be next door to The Deaf Institute and I won't have to miss out on gigs there all the time, like oOoOO (above), a drag/witch house act I've mentioned before that I've been listening to lately. The night is FREE but I've had to give it a miss due to no money for drinks and inconvinience with college the next day.

I've had a lastfm account for ages but never used it. My boyfriend showed me how it's good for finding new music with the radios and well now I'm hooked. :) Had a cheeky listen in college today in the library while I was doing work. Been listening to an awful lot of witch house on there (I seem to be obsessed with this sub genre lately). My new favourite discovery are Wavves (above). Their first album is sososo good and really consistent with me, I like this beach punk/grungey sound at the moment. Ohh I might be seeing Best Coast near the end of April, if I can find someone to go with. Keep trying to persuade the boyf.

I got paid last week and Topshop had some big ass sale and I spent too much money there and other places and I have to pay for glasto next week and my bank account will be bombed. I need to stop the pointless splurges on high street stuff I'm not sure on and will probably tire of after a while. Unless there are absolute must haves about/essentials I think I'll stick to my ebay and charity/vintage shops to be cheap, and save for really nice, interesting articles of clothing I see on my online browses.

Speaking of which...

WHAT IS THIS I DON'T EVEN...£75 in the SALE though. :(
Also I would like this Fred Perry by Amy Winehouse dress on my body.

I want to do some more personal stuff for my portfolio (forgot to say my interview is in two weeks!) so I may get new stuff up soon, plus there's a bunch of sketchbook work I may scan in. :)

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