Monday, 18 November 2013

before I could draw

Excited to say I will be taking part in Before, I Could Draw, an exhibition where a group of illustrators reinterpret childhood drawings.

The first image is by me Age 5 or 6, the second Age 22 and 3/4. I'm not sure what my six year old mind was thinking, or what this character is supposed to be (some kind of camp monkey?) but he is incredibly sassy. I had a more literal approach to reinterpretating it, as I knew I couldn't beat that original pose. It was fun to try and recreate the shapes and lines I made with my drawing back then. Sometimes we forget to just have fun when we draw and not worry about the final outcome.

The launch night for the exhibition is the 29th of November and with be held at 2022 NQ. It runs till the 7th of December. Click "attending" on the facebook event here

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