Monday, 30 January 2012

interview with a countess

For our latest brief we were required to interview a character from the book we read over Christmas in the style of the Guardian review. I read Angela Carter's series of short stories The Bloody Chamber and I chose the vampire countess from The Lady of The House of Love.

I felt that I emphasized with her more than anyone else in the book. She can't co exist in a normal society of people and is confined to live alone in her grand mansion. She cannot get close to any other beings as her hunger will always take over any other feeling she may possess. This pains her so.

I did have a lot of fun writing the interview and the planning process in my sketchbook (seen here). I do think the final piece could be improved as the overall composition and the background are lacking. But I think I captured the character how I wanted to. This can all be edited in due course anyway. :)

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