Friday, 2 December 2011

through the looking glass

There is so much wonderful art to experience in Liverpool at the moment. My course went to the Walker Gallery and the Tate to see what was on offer.
A very special exhibition with works by Matisse in The Walker.
Pieces from the John Moores prize collection.
I really loved Peter Blake's alphabet made using found images, I think O was my favourite...

And of course if you're in Liverpool in the near future, you have to check out The Alice In Wonderland exhibition currently held at the Tate. It's in parts enchanting, disturbing and nostalgic. Lots of different artist interpretations. It's on till January and it's cheaper for students.
Raw, stripped back illustrations of the book by Salvador Dali that I really loved. 
A few works delved into the association of drugs with the novels, where some focused on Alice's development as a young woman.
Bought a selection of post cards too. A great day was had, and Liverpool is a lovely city in general.

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